Partial Plan 5LB - Nomalicious Beef

Perfect plan for people who want to use ponzmo as a treat or topper to their dogs meals! The Partial Plan contains 5LB ponzmo and comes in 5 1LB bags, 2 1/2 LB each recipe. The bags are good in the fridge 5-6 days and in the freezer for 6 months.

If you feed̴Ì_1/4 cup ponzmo with each meal the Partial Plan̴Ì_will last a month.̴Ì_Free shipping of course.


Nomalicious Beef

Slow cooked beef, braised beef liver, organic quinoa, a medley of sweet and white potatoes, steamed green beans and cauliflower. Healthy oils, a touch of lite salt, and ponzmo‰ۡó»s nutritional supplement blend round out this recipe.
Guarantee Analysis
Protein (Min) 9.3%
Fat (Min) 5.6%
Fiber (Max) 1.7%
Moisture (Max) 69.6%
318k/cal per cup

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