Meet Bear, A ponzmo Early Adopter and Spokesdog

October 05, 2018

Meet our first ponzmo spokesdog, Bear! You may have seen him all over our Instagram, but he has his own, @bearorcorgi. This Corgi pup has been munching on our farm to dog bowl cuisine for over a year since he was just 7 months old! Catharine (or shall we say Bear’s tenant) loves feeding him ponzmo because she knows exactly what’s in the recipes—take a peak at all the ingredients here.


Fun Fact: Bear is the Mayor of Philly ;)


Check out our interview with Bear below and stay tuned for more pup profiles on the ponzmo blog as well as health and other dog related content!


How did Catharine come up with your name?

I was the biggest boy on the block! I’m ferocious, like a bear.


How did you meet Catharine?

Catharine needed an entire update on my life. Bear was there to help flip her life around. She also always wanted a Corgi. I run the buildingI’m the landlord. She’s the tenant.


How old are you?

1 year and 11 months. My bday is right around the corner!  


What are some of your favorite things to do in the city?

I’m the Mayor of Philly! I love meeting constituents, passing legislations, and attending local events.  


What’s your ideal weekend?

I love to go for really long walks, check up on my (many) businesses, make sure things are running smoothly--I never really stop working, but I make sure to get my exercise in.


What is one thing your humans do that embarrasses you?

Generally being associated with her. She follows me around. I’m very independent.


Your Instagram posts are very deep, do you spend a lot of time pondering the important issues?

I'm a big idea guy! More of a thinker than a do-er, I hire people to do the doing.


Besides Corgi’s what is your favorite breed to sniff?

My best friend is a golden retriever named Chase (he’s technically my uncle)


What’s your favorite thing about ponzmo?

I love the taste of it! I’ll even sit at my bowl and wait for it. Catharine loves it because I had bad digestive problems in the past and ponzmo helped with that. With ponzmo, she also knows all the ingredients I’m exactly eating.


Stay tuned for more pup profiles, vet tips and more!



Adoptable Dog of The Post

This post’s adoptable dog is Loki. Meet Loki at the Providence Animal Shelter in Media, Pennsylvania. She’s a curious 10 month old pup who loves to explore and play with other pups. Learn more about Loki here.


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